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Rendezvous with a few facts on the importance of marketing your business online….

• 98% of your target customers scout for information online prior to buying products or services
• 92% of those who utilize the search engines to find products/services settle to the first 3- search results
• 95% of your target customers select their providers based on the result of their search
• On an average, in most cases SEO campaigns ensures a ROI of 7 to 1
Almost all your target customers make use of the internet (search engines) to find information about products or service they entail and to actually avail them. If you are not visible in the top search engine rankings, they will go to your competitors.

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Popularly known as SEO and online marketing experts, NetAttingo Technologies offers e- marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results without all the pile on and fluff. We have an unbeatable track-record of helping companies across the globe in expanding their business online. We will take you to the first rung of Search engines’ listing ladder from where it will be visible to the masses and help you position your brand sturdily.

Throughout the years and as a result of our hard-word, brilliant strategies and commitment, we have built an impressive portfolio of thousands of happily satisfied customers, who can testify to our passion and commitment to quality. After having optimized thousands of websites, we today possess the expertise and resources to help your business grow fast.

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While many of competitors focus explicitly on taking the websites of their clients to the first page or top ten rankings of the major search engines, we on the contrary, understand that you need money to sustain your business activities, and that is why we work in parallel to boost your rankings with the search engines, increase your sales and implicitly your revenues.

Not Sure about the Search?
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Our SEO Services include:
• Keyword Research
• Keyword Strategy
• Website Optimization – Both On-page & Off Page
• Quality Content
• Video and Mobile SEO
• Local SEO
• Quality Content
• Ranking Management
• Performance Tracking & Reporting

Why Choose NetAttingo Technologies?

Opposed to other SEO firms, we care about your success and revenues. We ensure you are 100% satisfied with our SEO services. NetAttingo is not at all a middle man; we are an actual SEO company with an in-house highly-experienced SEO team. Our SEO experts will formulate SEO strategies together with you that will help increase your sales and improve your online presence.
We put our clients and their business first, because we strongly believe that the future of our company lies in the success of our clients.
When it comes to Brilliant SEO Services, There is No Match like Us!!
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Make a diagram on the side of the page –
SEO Factors Contributing towards Optimal Search Engine Rankings
URL Factors
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Life Span of Domain
Site Structure
On-Page Factors
Keywords Density
Content Relevance
Meta Tags
Off-page Factors
Blogs, RSS Feeds and many more…
Inbound links from directories
Online Press Releases, Articles, Guest Posts etc