Data Entry

Data entry is a process of typing data into database using a keyboard,optical scanner or data recorder.Forms of data which can be transformed includes handwritten documents,information off spread sheets and sequences of numbers as well as code of computer and even names and addresses.
A good typist must has excellent typing speed and must use number keypad of keyboard.

NetAnttigens have both key features needed for the process of data entry.We have experience of 5+ years and are very talented.We believe in client satisfaction and fully work on it.

We work for excellent data entry.
our affordable work cost is as below.
Option 1 : Task Basis
$10 for tax, shipment and other store settings per store.
$30 USD per site upto 100 entities (Categories/Products/sliders etc )
$15 for every addition of 50 entities.

Option 2: Dedicated developer
Mon – Friday (8 hours per day) @ $550 USD per month